Our Newest Line of Soaps we wil be adding more types , such as the goats milk and shea butter, the coconut and palm oil , now today we made a batch of Honey and Oatmeal Soap ! This is Hibiscus Honey Oatmeal Soap ! 100% ORganic Vegan and Handmade as ALWAYS with all our products ! This one of a kind Artisan Soap is reallly elegant in fragrance and elegant in soothing nature ! Speakign of nature its base is a Honey base mixed in with Oatmeal base to for a beautiful one a kind exfoliant and moisturizing artisan soap ! Add our 100% Real Organic Dried Hibisucus and Marigold flowers and this floral fragrance captures your senses and makes you want more ! Dont worry , this soap has already been such a hit we are producing more and more as the days go by... Get YOURS TODAY !

Hibiscus Honey and Oatmeal 100% Organic Vegan Handmade Soap

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