a combined mixed of honey soap base and oatmeal make this a one of a kind bath buddy ! The Fresh Freesia smell just makes it even better ! A little bit of the myotsosis plant sprinkled in to help with exfoliation and we have ourselves one amazing bar of soap ! Handmade Organic Artisan Soap ! To make this particular soap i had to let one layer dry before pouring on the honey layer which just means it was harder to make and should be worth allot more than what i sell it for but im just trying to get my products out their for the world and the lucky people who do purchase some to truly enjoy a one of a kind bar of soap ! So will you be that person today? Buy yours and light a candle take a bath and even throw in a bathbomb because this is one hell of a bar of soap ! 

Fresh Freesia Oatmeal and Honey Artisan Handmade Organic Soap

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  • All soaps are 100% Organic and do have 100% organic dried flowers in some/most batches. IF you think you may be allergic to a flower please dont try a soap that may have a flower you could be allergic to in it . Lets all use our heads and we can stay clean and smell great while doing it !



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