The Forever Fresh Mens Fragrance Line is a Line of scents targeted for the  Men out there. Theyre candles you can buy to make your home , bachelor pad, room, or dorm smell even better than you do ! ALL THE TIME ! Now these Scents or Fragrances Imitate our favorite colognes , they ARE NOT the colognes they imitate ! But They smell very similar. Here is Our Lineup:

Polo Sport Imitation type - Gametime Green
Polo Double Black Imitation type - Barely Black
Nautica Ocean Imitation type - Ocean Blue
Noir Tom Ford Imitation type- Perfectly Purple 
I.Miyake Intense Imitation type- Intense Red
Cool Water Imitation type- Cool Blue 
Drakkar Noir Imitation type- Official Orange 
Abercrombie Fierce - Fierce Fire
SO-CAL Hollister Imitation type- Hella Yella 

These Candles imitate some of the most popular cologne fragrances out there and without overpowering and smelling like the cologne section at Macy’s. They give off the perfect hint of your favorite smell and will keep wherever you decide to place your candle .. #FOREVERFRESH 


Again in no way are these Fragrances the same as the colognes they imitate ! Thanks and Enjoy !


Forever Fresh Mens Fragrances Handmade Organic Soy Wax Jar Candles

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